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About CO3
Introduction of CO3
CO3-Taiwan Contemporary Performance Connection” is a long term platform project established by Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) since 2014 and supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF). It aims to create a performing arts network for global intercultural connection, to procure creative encounter for Taiwanese and international performing arts professionals which include artists, producers, curators as well as the organizations and institutions within the sector to share information, knowledge and encouraging international collaborations.
Supported by
The National Culture and Arts Foundation(NCAF) was founded in 1996 with the stated aim of creating a healthier environment in Taiwan for the development of culture and the arts. The NCAF also presents awards as part of its mission to seek to raise the bar for culture and the arts. The Foundation’s work is composed of four elements, namely, “research and development,” “grants,” “awards,” and “resource development.” Those involved in R&D are focused primarily on creating links to relevant government departments and private concerns in the hope of garnering support from them in cash or kind.

The NCAF provides grants, funding, and other assistance to individuals and non-profit organizations involved in literature, the visual arts, music, dance, traditional and contemporary theater, cultural heritage preservation, audio/video arts, and arts environment and development. The foundation also encourages the creation of innovative, groundbreaking, and experimental works that inform and reflect the zeitgeist.
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Established in 1997, Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), as a non-profit organization, has played a vital role in providing information on performing arts, maintaining a smooth flow of communication between public and private sectors and nurturing a sound performing environment for the overall arts industry ever since.

The goals of PAA are to provide performing groups with information support; to communicate with the public sector; and to connect the performing groups with the government for better communication in order to foster a sustainable development in performing arts. The Alliance also to endeavor constructing a connection to develop international exchange opportunities, to establish network and partnership with overseas performing arts institutions.

With the support of the government and private enterprises, PAA became a key partner in the evolution and prosperity of performing arts in Taiwan.