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Asian Producers Platform
111The Asian Producers’ Platform (APP) is a new long term public-private partnership initiative driven by The Steering Committee for the Producer (South Korea), Performing Arts Alliance(Taiwan); Open Network for Performing Arts Management (Japan); and Live Performance Australia (Australia) and Performing Lines (Australia). It is designed to create a strongly linked network of Asian producers who can work effectively across the region, sharing and developing artistic works, skills and cultural practices.

The Asian Producers’ Platform (APP) offers participants the opportunity to the above
APP Camps are planned as follows:
The core of APP is the annual APP Camp attended by 5 creative producers from each of the 4 host countries (Australia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan), plus another 10-15 producers from other Asian countries.
Program Direction
Over the course of the intensive 7-day APP CAMP, the participants will spend time:
  • Getting to know each other including developing an appreciation of each other’s language and cultural perspectives around producing.
  • Getting to know the place (the host country’s funding climate, key players in the arts, key venues and the kind of work being produced, or for which there is audience demand)
  • Extending themselves through exploring their approach to creative producing within an Asian framework.
Program Direction
  • Conduct an enriching networking program geared toward attending producers.
  • Binding all the sessions to the main topic: International Co-Production, and create chances to encourage future cooperation.
  • Extend networking program to producers and related personnel who were unable to attend the camp by sharing information gathered from professionals who reside in the region where the camp is held.
  • Form groups based on different background and work experience without a specific mentor to create a natural mentoring environment (organic mentoring).
  • Producers will be divided into five groups primarily basing on their interests. Each group will spend time together and research on their topics.
  • Attend performances and field trips in order for participants to experience and explore various Taiwan cultural scenes.

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