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Anarchy Dance Theatre

Art Director

Chieh-hua Jeff Hsieh

Mr. Hsieh, Taiwanese, graduated with MFA in Dance Choreography from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2007. With BA degree in Architecture from National Cheng-Kung University, presented him a special way in his creative works. Jeff’s choreography credits include Seventh Sense (2011), Anarchy’s Dream (2009), Anarchy 1980 (2008), Anarchy (2008), Gray Mass (2006), Falling Kiss (2006), and more. His works, Anarchy’s Dream and Anarchy 1980, was commissioned by National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan; and the Falling Kiss placed him as one of the most outstanding choreographers in the 2008 National Creative Dance Competition sponsored by the Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan. In 2006, his work, Gray Mass was awarded in S-AN Artistic Creation Award, Taiwan. Chieh-Hua Jeff’s work filled with clear structure, meaningful inspiration and creative way of playing with time, space and energy. He is one of five choreographers for 2009 World Games held in Taiwan. His piece has been performed in USA, India, Holland, China, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan as well.

Founded in 2010, Anarchy Dance Theatre uses contemporary dance theatre to express our concerns about people and life; by reproducing through movement the intricate power structures and personal relationships in today’s powerful social structures. Anarchy strives to create a dance training structure of its own, starting from awareness of the body, and reaching out to explore the relationships between time, space, objects and others, with the intention of increasing one’s own sensitivity. In addition, Anarchy also breaks free from the traditional restraints of theater, producing an entirely new performance space. With the dancers, audience, interactivity, theater and environment as its main elements, Anarchy then calls upon the choreographer’s distinct ways of handling the “relationships” between these elements, to create a dance vocabulary Anarchy calls its own, and which has as its vision the exploration of a expressionistic dance style of our times.

"Create an immersive physical-digital environment that puts no boundaries between real and virtual space. "
- Hyperallergic, New York -

Director: HSIEH Chieh-Hua
Contact: CHANG Hsin-Yi
Tel.: +49 (0)176-3921-3041

Photo Credit: 《Second Body》(2015), photo by Ching-Ju Cheng.jpg

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