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  • Aiming for the Base of International Exchange in Greater China
    Writer : Yoahen KIM _ Producer of Doosan Art Center  Korea and Taiwan are alike. If a history of colonization and independence from 20th century imperialism, rapid formation of modern state, and the growth of the civil society are an universal experience in Asia, then Kore...
  • Dance
    Connecting the dots! – Notes from Asia Producers’ Platform Meeting in Seoul
    Connecting the dots!  – Notes from Asia Producers’ Platform Meeting in Seoul  n an effort to promote the performing arts in Taiwan, the Ministry of Culture initiated Huashan Living Arts Festival in 2010.  The Performance Arts Alliance (PAA) has since ...
  • Dance
    2011 Huashan Living Arts Festival
    An Emerging Platform for Asian Performing Artists By Performing Arts Alliance The “Performing Arts Market” was one of the highlights in the second Huashan Living Arts Festival closed on October 10. Twenty-two international curators from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing...