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HLAF 2010-2013
Huashan Living Arts Festival (HLAF)
Taiwan Focus: Performing Arts Showcase


  • 2010
    13th ~ 15th October
  • 2011
    18th ~ 20th October
  • 2012
    24th ~ 26th October
  • 2013
    16th ~ 18th October

Huashan 1914Creative Park (Taipei)、Novel Hall (Taipei)*2013



Huashan Living Arts Festival (HLAF) was first held in 2010. The festival’s main organizer is Ministry of Culture and Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) as its planning and operation department. The festival is a unique brand for performing arts cultural activities featuring internationalization, specialization and marketization.

HLAF is a 4-year scheme for performing arts held in Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park (built in 1914). The park was one of the oldest and most well preserved structures in Taiwan. Now it serves as Taipei’s primary creative arts center and a hosting ground for Taiwan’s most significant cultural activities.

In organizing high quality Performing Arts Showcase, “Taiwan Focus”, Theatre Performances and Discussion forums, the festival also offers exhibition, outdoor performances, workshops and creative encounters for people to explore and experience performing arts in life. The aim of the festival is to develop international exchange opportunities and encourage public to play a part in.

In the future, Performing Arts Alliance will function as a platform that facilitates performing arts group to connect with international arts network and foster a well-constructed industrial environment. It will also carry the responsibility as a hub of performing arts and creativity in Asia.



During the festival, we also organized three performing arts development thematic forums. H.L.A.F. invites domestic and international curators, producers and performing arts organizations to share various types of curatorial, development, networking and production experiences. The aim is to exchange various performing arts event curatorial concepts, development in international markets and network, artists fostering and international co-production, providing practical guidance for the participants’ future reference and to utilize resources effectively.


Participants  Staffs from local cultural centers, art venues, producers, arts administrators.

Supported by  Ministry of Culture (Taiwan)

Organized by  Performing Arts Alliance

In Association with  Huashan Creative Park 1914